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Premium Quality Fischer Electric Water Coolers Best Price in Pakistan

Fischer is an appliance brand by Fatima Engineering Works in Pakistan that has thrived for the past two decades thanks to its competent leadership. It is a quality and Service-oriented company committed to assuring and maintaining the highest standards of quality. The company is certified by the ISO for the 9001:2015 Quality Standard. Fischer prides itself in being a leading appliances manufacturer offering the best after sales support and service in the industry. Their popular products are electric water coolers available in a wide range and capacity to choose from. These electric water coolers are perfect for commercial spaces, factories, mosques, schools, and shopping malls. You can always depend on Fischer water coolers in summer for fresh and cold water.

Why Buy Fischer Water coolers?

Fischer is the best company to purchase water coolers from since it provides high-quality electric water coolers with best features in each model. You can rely on Fischer as the company believes in delivering orders on time and quickly responding to the concerns and queries raised by customers. One of the most important reasons to buy from Fischer is that the company offers reasonable prices for all products, especially electric water coolers.

Fischer Brings the Best Range of Water Coolers in Pakistan

Water coolers in Pakistan are available from a vast array of brands and models; nevertheless, it may be difficult for buyers to determine which brand to buy considering the overwhelming options and product range. The top factors that contribute to differentiating one brand from another are quality and competitive price. People have confidence in Fischer due to the fact that they use high quality materials, food grade stainless steel and imported compressors for water coolers. Fischer is considered to be the most reliable water cooler supplier in Pakistan offering the best prices. They offer a comprehensive range of Water Coolers including Storage Type Water Coolers.
Following is a list of water cooler types and sizes manufactured by Fischer, followed by details of the model’s technical specifications.

List of Best Water Coolers in Pakistan

The Fischer water cooler with a capacity of 300 liters is the largest commercial water cooler that can be purchased in Pakistan and is suitable for 300 to 600 people. This non-corrosive food grade stainless steel water cooler has a cooling capacity of 300 liters per hour, external coiling made of 100 percent pure copper, and comes with a double compressor. It is the ideal choice for high-demand areas such as factories, schools, mosques, and other locations with high water usage.

When it comes to the purchase of water coolers for places such as schools, mosques, companies, and so on, hundreds of people rely on Fischer. Fischer Water Coolers are an excellent option for satisfying your requirements since they combine high performance with dependability and an affordable price. The FE 200 S.S. is a stainless steel water cooler that has four taps, a high capacity, and is fitted with brand-new compressors, condensers, and fan motors so that it can provide pure water around the clock.

Fischer is known throughout Pakistan for producing water coolers that have the highest-quality construction and components possible. Fischer 150 Liters water cooler is a heavy-duty and high-performance water cooler, made out of stainless steel and has pure copper coiling around the water tank to avoid contamination. This water cooler has four faucets and has the capacity to effortlessly serve up to 300 people at a time.

The cost of purchasing many water cooler units can add up quickly, but with the Fischer 100 Liters water cooler, you can save money and cover all your water needs in the business sector with only one purchase. The 100 Liter capacity water cooler can serve 100 to 200 people at a time and comes with 4 faucets installed.

This model has an outstanding cooling capacity of 80 liters per hour. It is ideally suited for usage in educational institutions, workshops, and other settings with low to moderate water demands, as it can simultaneously serve up to 160 people.

When it comes to satisfying your need for water, nothing beats having a fast cooling Water Cooler at your disposal. This electric water cooler made by Fischer with Model Number FE 65 S.S has two faucets, an exterior coil made of 100% pure copper, and a water tank made of food-grade non-magnetic stainless steel. In addition, the FE 65 S.S overall external body is constructed with non-magnetic stainless steel. Investing in an electric water cooler with a large capacity rather than many water coolers with a modest capacity will save you money in the long run.

Cooling drinking water has never been so easy. The rust-resistant body of Fischer Water Coolers is ideal for outside placement, making them suitable for use in factories, schools, mosques, and virtually any other location where clean, cold drinking water is required. Drink clean water and maintain your body temperature with help of Fisher, Pakistan’s top-rated producer of water coolers.

Install a Fischer water cooler to stay cool and comfortable during the summer. The quality of Fischer’s electric water coolers is unparalleled in the industry. This model, which has a capacity of 35 liters and is made of stainless steel, can serve up to seventy people. The pure copper coiling on the outside helps to conserve the water and ensures that you have access to clean and fresh water at all times.

The Bottom Line

Fischer is your best bet in Pakistan for purchasing high-quality water coolers at a price that is both affordable and consistent if you are seeking the greatest options available. Select the model that best meets your needs and preferences from the options presented above, and get it installed.